About Us

Dhundora is glad to serve as the most reliable marketing website, an internet ad engine which will provide you the opportunity to promote the desired advertisements without owning a website. We select our customers proficiently keeping an eye on any racket to make sure the end result has the required finesse.
Dhundora helps the advertiser to connect directly with the end user. The offers are reasonable enough to incorporate our various clients, now you can start with as less as Rs.1000. This helps in getting the core message through, thereby accomplishing the aim of the advertiser as well as the web owner. With us you can start separate campaigns showing different ads in a more efficient manner, we definitely keep our customer’s interest at heart.
We appreciate creativity and if you want it to be acknowledged dhundora is the right place. Being categorized properly and easily gelled in with our integration system dhundora will help you discover a whole new world of opinions and wants. You provide us with quality, we provide you with satisfactory service.
 Why ڈ
There are countless reasons why you want to be connected with ڈ. Dhundora promises to be one of its kinds in marketing your creativity with all the devotion you want. It keeps displaying your advertisement in the most effected manner. If you have the flair for creativity and ideas bring yourself forward and dhundora will side with you.

No website? No problem! With dhundora you can easily market your ads because we keep your interest at heart. Quality assurance is what you will provide us and the rest will be accomplished. We give you a chance to integrate your ads with us in an easy and compatible manner.  Dhundora provides you the opportunity to display your ads with the lowest agency rates ever! It’s not a joke, we are proposing reality. We highly consider the profit and effort you hold in esteem and dhundora has no intention of sidelining your priorities.

We believe in the method of open statistics; which hereby implies that the time, running time and even the charges are all unfastened for your ease. We have nothing hidden from our customers. Make your submissions at dhundora with the chance of biding your own desired price. Now you can easily bid ads at  your price. Are you tired of stumpy and shallow ads? We give you the reliable assistance that no trivial or irritating ads will be exhibited, nor will we accept any such ads. The advertisements will definitely be tested and then put to use. Profundity is of greater importance to us than money and we are confident to proclaim that.
Nothing is better than billing convenience that is why easy billing remains the main concern. Now you can pay easily with whatever you like. Transfers via checks, Pay Pal, Visa credit cards even direct payments are received. Dhundora believes in a good faith and a fair business deal every time. Every company siding with us or advertising with us must bear in mind that either it’s a rational play or a definite strike out.  Any type of frauds or rackets are least invited.


What is ڈ
ڈ becomes the corporate identity of dhundora in every aspect.  Dhundora will be identified with this symbol. Recognition in this way will not be a problem lasting a long time, dishing up the very first letter of our title. This ڈ attaches the customers with the actual refined market of the ad world.

It sets us apart because ڈ is only used in the Urdu language. Most of the times clashes occur specially in the use and meaning of similar words incorporated in different languages.  This results in the collision of meanings. Whereas ڈ confines solely to the roots of our national language and we seek pleasure in announcing that.  It serves as an undeviating and permanent uniqueness for dhundora. This individuality is then promised to be kept up by our constant efforts and hard work which we hope will pay off.

Urdu as been a subject of appeal and interest ever since, this language itself is a product of different other languages and components which also serves as the base for dhundora’s versatile and multidimensional endeavor and system. Reflecting the refine is our goal. That is why bonding our self with our roots has made this tough task of striving forward somewhat easier because with every passing minute of work we feel dhundora completing us more.  We prioritize individuality like you prefer it for your ads. Dhundora assures you of the sound performance which will remain of utmost significance to us in all cases. You can feel yourself connected with the most reliable source at all rates, giving you satisfaction which is dhundora’s main concern.